Persophia* Productions

Screen and Stage

Persophi*a productions

create high-impact, prestigious work on stage and screen, formed from the premiere season of stage play Persephone, developed in London and presented for its world-premiere season during The Sydney Festival. This show and others have played theatres in London and Paris. Most recently with SARAH Quand Même, a new play created in Paris for the 100th anniversary of Sarah Bernhardt's death  

Film Production followed with the award-winning  screen adaptation of Persephone  as a 50min Australian short-feature of the same title ( winning Gold Award for Best Independent at the Charleston International Film Festival in the US.)  Short films produced include Forgein Affairs , Somewhere, Louis and Louise, and plenty more fish in the sea, screened at film festivals. 

Feature films on Persophi*a's development slate include Passe Partout and A***Memoire,  a feature film adapted from the French hit play by the lifetime Academy Award winner Jean-Claude Carriere. Suppoerted by Screen Territory, it was to star the late and great Balang Tom E Lewis. Script in French and English.

Persophi*a has also produced stage premieres in Paris, Sydney, Edinburgh, LA and London, in association with international partners, and some of the world's finest writers such as Yasmina Reza ( Hammerklavier,) Marie N'Diaye (Hilda),  Michael Gow (Sweet Phoebe), Sarah Kane ( 4.48 Psychosis)  and Jon Fosse (Winter).

Persophi*a  thanks

 its Internatonal Associates, partnering Producers and Executive Producers 

Still LOV (Development)

Tom E Lewis as Ajne , A***Memoire. feature film pre shoot Paris.


Screen includes:

Louis and Louise , Foreign Affairs, Plenty More Fish In the Sea, and Broken heART . Also Somewhere in post-production  Feature films in development include: Passe Partout, Sept Seductions and A***Memoire, an adaptation of Aide-Memoire by the late great Jean-Claude Carriere, Academy Award winning and true cinema legend,  with his personal support,


Stage includes:

Hammerklavier, by Yasmina Reza in the world-exclusive English-language adaptation, a newly translated adaptation of Hilda, by Marie N'Diaye, (French/English) Performances of Aide-Memoire, by Jean-Caude Carriere, a specially translated (by May-Brit Ackerholt) production of Winter by Jon Fosse, directed and co-produced by Jonathan Wald... 

In association with  Cheepuk, Mise en Lumiere, Theatre de Nesle, Letter to Larry , by Donald Macdonald, in LA, Paris and Atlanta Its New York premiere to be announced.

                                      SARAH Quand Même,

a new play is created in 2023, for the 100th anniversary of Sarah Bernhardt's death, plays Paris, with London, Sydney seasons to come


Somewhere ( Post-production)

Somewhere (Post-production)

Still from Passe-Partout (Development)

Somewhere (post-production)