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Letter To Larry Reviews

Letter to Larry- ‘Coup de coeur’ . A great moment in theatre, this play by Donald Macdonald... the love, the passion and talent of Vivien are met in Susie Lindeman a great actress. Go see, and see again.Chevalier Yves FPP106.3 FM

Magnificently acted by Susie Lindeman, an almost ‘Greek tragedy’ filled with force and great fragility. Lindeman moves with grace, knowing perfectly how to command the space, passing with ease from Vivien’s little girl to the more serious lover of Larry. The direction by Wayne Harrison is perfectly staged , with magic he transforms a simple table into a grand theatre stage then into a bed in which Vivien glides with voluptuous Hollywood glamour. A big bravo also to the excellent lighting designer Martin Kinnane . What an honour for Paris to welcome this creation for its world premiere. Hurry and discover this show for its limited season, otherwise you’ll have to get to London New York or Sydney. SORTIZ- Paris

Even if you do not know the language of Shakespeare, Donald Macdonald’s poignant play is so filled with emotion that you will understand in your heart what escapes you by words. A remarkable actress, Susie Lindeman, commands the stage with an infinite grace and in possession of a wild energy for one entire scene is played on a table with surprising dynamic. There are several trump cards to Wayne Harrison’s direction to which Susie Lindeman lends herself marvelously. The changing lighting states compliment the ensemble. There is high tension in Letter to Larry, and Susie Lindeman literally fragments . This is the revelation of a magnificent actress.

Letter to Larry evokes the very existence of Vivien Leigh. Onstage, climbing on a table, seated in an ‘electric’ chair or trailing the walls with creeping hands or seeing at her reflection in the dressing-room mirror, Susie Lindeman is Vivien Leigh. Writer Donald Macdonald has chosen to show a key-moment in Vivien’s life ...Alone, facing her destiny, she reassesses her life, transforming herself into the subject. Susie Lindeman has perfect control of Vivien’s unravelling sanity- not a moment’s respite in an intense journey into the interior of this legendary woman.
You will be captivated by an actress giving totally: No hesitation is saying it again: Susie Lindeman succeeds in truly being Vivien Leigh. Philippe Person

The play, Letter to Larry, is the highlight of Paris springtime on the subject of Love. The actress is astounding, perfectly lit, dressed and directed to reveal the terrible torments that can be inflicted by love. Let yourself be carried away by this devouring passion incarnated bewitchingly, almost as if by magic by an actress without match.
Jean-Max Mejean (Le Nouvel Observateur)

The incarnation of Vivien, at once powerful and so fragile, would take an interpretation of genius -to become Vivien- not just to ‘do’ Vivien. Susie Lindeman succeeds in this tour-de- force ...disturbing and impressive physically, emotionally and vocally. Successively, Scarlett O’Hara, Blanche DuBois, Cleopatra, little Vivian at the convent of the Sacred-Heart, Lady Olivier at a press conference or in the terrifying psychosis of a nervous breakdown, Susie Lindeman holds the audience in suspense, in tension and to great attention for nearly 90 minutes. The direction by Wayne Harrison and the lighting design by Martin Kinnane are somber, beautiful and effective and give value to Susie Lindeman at the height of her talent. I guarantee this ‘alone on stage’ encounter will have a much deserved international success Reg’Arts PARIS

Alone on stage Susie Lindeman gives body to Vivien Leigh. We hear again her highly perched voice, her particular rhythm and we see her as a young woman dreaming of absolute love. Lindeman also perfectly plays the cracks of a malady which led to shock treatment, Even the direction reveals this and Vivien Leigh is there- a touching, unique and solitary star who continues to shine
Delphine Kilhoffer- rhinoceros

Lindeman delivers a performance of a totally impressive and emotionally stirring actress in Letter to Larry, by Donald Macdonald and directed by Wayne Harrison. Magazine des ARTS, No.6 Avril 2013. Paris

Flamboyant and fragile, Susie Lindeman IS Vivien Leigh! A haunting and poignant performance in an exquisitely-written play. Claire de Robespierre.

Hurry and discover “Letter to Larry” at the Theatre de Nesle. You will be absolutely conquered by Susie Lindeman’s performance. The actress plays her with an extremely striking resemblance and emotion which flowers on the skin, leaps into humour, and the very gestures of Vivien herself. She communicates each of Vivien’s thrills and shivers with intimacy and temperance. In 75 minutes she unravels her thread of memory, some between shock treatment. ‘Larry’ has left her, and despite everything, she still speaks to him. And in spite of her circumstances, so precarious and fragile, she holds her resplendent a sumptuous black dress, bracelets, perfect face and hair, she smiles anxiously and in turn becomes Scarlett, Juliet, Blanche DuBois, Cleopatra, Marguerite Gautier- the emotions of each role stay imprinted within her. Vivien keeps the mask, searching to maintain the illusion, to live with magic- as before. With big green eyes hit by surprise, from little coquettish expressions to frightened gestures, sudden calls and a disarming smile, Susie Lindeman is absolutely perfect is this role of a woman cast adrift , dazzling.