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Susie Lindeman in other Stage and Screen

Susie Lindeman photo by Luke Stambouliah

 Susie Lindeman works internationally on stage and screen.

Acclaim from the press includes: 

“...A performance that, if there is any justice, must surely go straight into the short list for a BAFTA Award, for its emotional and tonal range and for the intensity of its conviction”              The Guardian UK

“Lindeman is a fine actress as her exemplary turn in Howards End proved” London Evening Standard

“Lindeman’s extraordinary portrait of Vivien Leigh is a marvel of range, from soft kitten purring to flashes of white-hot rage” SMH

“Lindeman returns an arresting, high-impact performance” The Australian

“The casting is Michael Gambon, a standout and capped with a startling performance by Susie Lindeman. who steals the show” 

“There are two highlight television performances of the year. Emma Thompson and Susie Lindeman” The Guardian UK


“ Full of passion and pain, evocative and rich”

 “Exceptional, in brilliant form...charismatic”

 “Lindeman gives a dazzling performance, with all the requisite fragility, sexuality, flaring anger and abiding fragility of the real Viv”

 Lindeman’s Viv is magnetic, as she ranges back and forth from hungry sex kitten to angry diva on the verge of a nervous breakdown”

“Fascinating. Lindeman is superb as Leigh, deftly conjuring up the public image of the star in a series of feverish gestures and inflections that also manage to convey a deeper passion and frailty”

 “Lindeman is a gamine goddess, part Audrey Hepburn, part Leslie Caron, and utterly captivating” METRO

 “Complex performance...resilient frailty and sensuous vulnerability”

 “Hauntingly real portrayal”.

 “Elegant intensity”

 “ Stunning performance, poignant incarnation”

  "Susie Lindeman is a treat.... intelligent and vivacious".

“Stunning and actress who brings back the memory of a young Audrey Hepburn, she is divine”

“Exquisite” “Beguiling, accomplished” Michael Billington

“Simply excellent, an outstanding performance”

 “. A performance of subtle, convincing desperation”

 “Susie Lindeman gives a wonderfully varied performance. Her slight figure lends pathos to her courage, while her mobile expressive features show us all the suffering and tolerant affection required of a woman who is trying to rescue Kafka from his sexual trauma. She is completely convincing”

 “ Powerfully emotional drama played to perfection”

 “ beguiling, layered performance”

“The real delight is in the acting. Susie Lindeman’s Dora, tremulous yet tenacious, literally compels our belief in her saving love”

 “’Dora’ gets a bewitching performance from Susie Lindeman who can take care of herself in comedy” “...compelling, haunting presence”

 “...A performance of striking intensity.... a triumph”

 “...A brilliant portrayal...astonishing, perfectly observed performance”

 “...Played with sensitivity and insight...a fine actress”

 “Susie Lindeman’s Nora has a blend of innocence and manipulative skill-there are times when she seems to become, quite literally the doll of the play’s title, by turns frightened...controlled”

 “Susie Lindeman has the perfect fragility and innocence to be the delicious little child- wife, all languorous arms and busy brittle, and is also quite capable of the flashes of horrified realization of her position...the difficult transitions of Act Three well believable”

 “Susie Lindeman is perfect in this crucial role, capturing every glittering facet of an extraordinary character, and looking ideal as the charming little electrifying performance”

 “...The undoubted triumph is Susie Lindeman’s performance...a tremulous lucidity”

 “...A waif-like grace”

“The best performance is a stunning debut by a remarkable Susie Lindeman”

 “...An enchanting performance which however in no way prepares us for the power and intensity of the pain which drives her; white-faced, black-frocked, huge eyed, a bird-like figure tempest tossed through the play’s accelerating action. She acts like one possessed”

 “Lindeman performs on a high edge of grief, like an Ophelia whose mind has been peeled, turned inside out for the forces of nature”

 “The success of the show - Lindeman’s graceful command and poise-she makes the demands of the piece appear simple”

 “. played with panache by Susie Lindeman-cadences recalling the beauty of Audrey Hepburn.”

 “With spirited supporting performances by Susie Lindeman, Samuel West and James Wilby, `Howard's End' is a stewing pot of acting greatness”

 “. A beautiful performance by Susie Lindeman-her composition of emotions is strongly resonant”

“Tres chic, tres elegant, tres Francais, Susie Lindeman as Mme Lemarchand is terrific. A desperately kittenish French Blanche du Bois”

“Sexy, with beauty and soul” “Susie Lindeman is mesmerizing”.

“A joy to watch. A performance with heart”

“A superb performance. Lindeman is unforgettable”

“Stunning…Compelling. A tour-de-force”

“Lindeman’s comic timing is impeccable and her understanding of the effect of the tiniest gesture makes her a joy to watch.”

“Funny, sophisticated, Lindeman gives a tremendously effective performance full of nuance, heart and intelligence”

“Susie Lindeman excels”

“Entirely seducing and especially fascinating”

 “Excellent, impeccable comic timing”

“A compassionate, charming performance”

“Poignant and devastating”                    


 "This is what all the fuss is about" Scottish Herald