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..stage to screen success.

Persephone, first premiered at The Stables Theatre, Sydney, during the Sydney Festival, directed by Joseph Uchitel, written and performed by Susie Lindeman,

It played London, at the Jermyn Street Theatre in the West End, directed by Linda Marlowe, and in Paris at the Theatre des Dechargeurs.

The Screen adaptation as a 60 minute Film won the Gold Award for Best Independent Video at The Charleston International Film Festival in the USA.


"Greek myth a hit.   Lindeman creates wonderful visual imagery of a tortured mind" Ian Phipps

Lindeman explores the fine line between insanity and inspiraion....we are treated to a dose of bitter humour and a depth of introspective angst memorable for its intensity"

"..full of passion and pain, written by Lindeman in an evocative rich style at times reminiscent of Dylan Thomas. As her character begins to explore the dark subconscious, a picture emerges like a jigsaw and when complete and the truth found therein, she bursts into the light with self-knowledge. This is a brave piece of work for the young Australian who has not been seen in Sydney for some time due to her international successes. Inspiring" Juliette Jameson

  "a mind whose identity has been split asunder, whose sense of self has been shattered, torn in two. Suddenly the 'feminine principle" has a new be female is to be both subjcet and object in the one psyche and whose existential state is to oscillate between the two. Lindeman performs her work like an Ophelia whose mind has been peeled and turned inside out... Persephone generates some strong imagery, both visually and through language. Lindeman's 'Girl' is a lost mad human being..but she is also an angel, a physical symbol of her longing for escape  and return to light" Angela Bennie

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