Persophia* Productions

Letter To Larry

London Press

"Brilliant"    “Superb”   “Stunning”        "Mesmerizing"      "Compelling"                           

  "Unbearably touching"          "Commanding"     "Phenomenal"     " Major triumph"          

"Success"           "A great piece"        "Stirring"   "Remarkable"         "Surprising"      

"Successfully unnerving"         "Perfect"        "Mesmerizing"       “Tour de Force

and by the profession and the public:

"Amazing ! Letter to Larry was probably the best thing I've ever seen in the theatre.  You are a genius! It really was like watching Miss Leigh in action. I was transported. I loved every minute of it- a superlative embodiment of her"

"Really an Amazing play...I ve been there last week and it was so was really like watching Vivien (I m a great Vivien fan). I could see the play over and over again "

"I agree with this.The whole play is a magic and we have a chance to see "Vivien"